Fertility Enhancement

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Fertility Enhancement

Supporting Proper Hormonal Balance for Women and Men

Anovulation is one of the largest causes of infertility today. I see this time and time again in my clinic. Many women are anovulatory after coming off of the birth control pill-especially if they have taken the pill for mulitple years. Although the pill may be helpful is saving eggs for the future the down side is increased estrogen in the body and a drying out of the blood stores.

Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is another condition that causes anovulation. Diet, exercise, herbs and acupuncture treatments can help regulate the menses.

Regulating the cycle takes approximately three months of consistent acupuncture and herbs.

Some supplements have been indicated for lowering FSH levels such as:

* Reishi mushroom
* Cordyceps

Other fertilty enhancing supplements:

* 300mg of R Lipoic Acid 2 times daily (total = 600 mg)
* 200mg of Co Q10 2 times daily (total = 400mg)
* B vitamins
* Folic acid
* Zinc
* Omega Oils
* DHEA 25 mg 3x day for 4 months for improved ovarian reserve

Dr. Weston A Price discusses diet, fertility awareness and night lighting on his website:click here

Male Factor Infertility:
“Human fertility has been decreasing since the birth of intensive agriculture over 50 years ago. Average sperm counts among healthy American men dropped 58 percent between 1938 and 1988. In Europe, sperm counts dropped by 3.1 percent each year between 1971 and 1990. Studies from Belgium, France and Scotland have also shown losses in sperm quality, motility, development and the number of normally shaped sperm.”

Acupuncture and herbal therapy can help increase sperm count and improve motility, morphology and mobility.

-Sea cucumber
-Maca Root
-Decreasing estrogenic properties such as plastics, hormones in meat, dairy

Warming the Center

Traditional Chinese Medicine is pretty much against eating energetically cold foods unless it is spring or summer. The theory is that cold foods require a lot more energy to break down which, can lead to bloating, gassiness and fatigue.

Energetically speaking the lower abdomen or dan tian should also be kept warm for enhancing female fertility. A typical American diet is loaded with cold, sweet drinks, raw salads and coffee. This can create a sluggish, bloated digestive system, excessive mucus, poor circulation and coldness in the uterus.

Traditional foods that support the uterus are:

* Sesame oil
* Orange foods: pumpkin, sweet potato, yams
* Red foods: strawberries, pomegranate
* Black foods: molasses, black beans, seaweeds, miso
* Eggplant

Fertility Enhancement Special: Acupuncture, Herbs, Nutritional Therapy
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