Fall Detox


Autumn is a great time to cleanse the impurities that have accumulated from summers’ excesses ie BBQ, beer, chips, pizza, ice cream, etc. before the winter arrives and the body naturally stores energy.

In Daoist tradition the fall season is reflected in the human body in the Lungs and the Large Intestine. Both organs are responsible for receiving and eliminating energy and Qi. The lungs gather energy from Heaven and provide the rhythm for the body and the Large intestine lets go of impurities.

The Fall Detox Package is designed to improve the functioning of the Lungs and the Large Intestine to rid the body of extra weight, water, negative emotions and toxic thinking.

The Package includes:

•Four full-body acupuncture sessions. The fourth treatment will include facial rejuvenation points.

•Leave in ear seeds to help reduce cravings.

•Weekly food journaling and individualized eastern nutritional therapy.

•Chinese herbal therapy to help facilitate internal cleansing. (herbs included)

•Complimentary organic facial and body scrub ingredients to help rid the skin of impurities.

•Traditional Chinese soup ingredients.

Pranasanchalan Kriya yogic breathing techniques to help open the lungs and circulate Qi.

This package is best completed in two weeks but can be completed in four weeks.

Total Cost: $425.00